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Pikorete The Clown Dancing To, Take Over Control, While Driving Through Rochester NY

Pikorete The Clown was driving in the streets of Rochester, New York and as soon as he heard the song Take Over Control from Afrojack, he started dancing in the car like a maniac.


Pikorete The Clown & Pompita The Face Painter In 1st Birthday Of Yanziel in Rochester NY

Pikorete The Clown & Pompita The Face Painter went to celebrate Angel Yanziel's fisrt birthday party in Rochester, New York.

The kids and the adults had a great time while participating in all the crazy games Pikorete did with them. Pompita did the Face paintings while Pikorete dis the ballon Sculpting.


Pikorete The Clown In Jansiel’s Birthday in Syracuse, NY

Pikorete The Clown went to Syracuse, New York to celebrate the 3rd birthday of his boss nephew called Jansiel. Last year Pikorete was living in Puerto Rico and he was going to travel to Syracuse, NY for Jansiel’s birthday but there was a change of plans. But we did this past June 2015 and everybody there had a lot of fun.


Clown Pikorete Having fun the 4th of July in Rochester, NY

Pikorete The Clown first time in Rochester, New York saying Hi during the 4th of July 2015. This was right after his first show near Ontario Lake.


Pikorete The Clown & Pompita The Face Painter In Rochester, NY

News Flash!!!

A Different Style In Clowning In Rochester, NY

Clown Rochester New York

Pikorete The Clown & Pompita The Face Painter

Pikorete The Clown & Pompita The face Painter just moved to Rochester, NY this last summer in June 2015.

They will be serving their home city and the surrounding cities like Syracuse & Buffalo, New York.

Please look around this website and if you like what you see, give us a call at 787-485-4049 to check availability.