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Pompita The Face Painter

Payaso Picorete Puerto Rico Muñequita PompitaPompita The Face Painting Artist serves the area of Rochester, NY and surrounding cities like Buffalo and Syracuse. Her services includes face painting or tattoo painting in the following events: birthday parties, school parties, family reunions, holidays, baby showers, weddings, school events and any other event where a group of people want to have a good time getting painted in their faces or have a paint tattoo done in other parts of their bodies.

She uses professional grade face paints that are exclusively made for the skin. They are hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients and are water based, so there is no oily mess and it does not damage the clothing. The brands shes uses are Mehron, Paradise and Wolfe FX. 

Pompita was born in September 2012. She was discoverd by a famous talent hunter known as Pikorete The Clown. He was so impressed with her talents in drawing and painting, that he asked her to do a few face paintings, When he saw the finished work, he decided he wanted to take her to all his events.

You will also be impressed with her work when you see her with the brushes and paint in her hands. She is a natural artist with an amazing talent and skill. 

You can see a few different galleries below of some of her work. These were done when she first started around 2012. Now she has improve her technique. To see the photos, use the menu below.

You can also find some of Pompita The face Painter most recent work in her Facebook profile by clicking her picture in the left or visitng the followling link below:


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Simple Face Paintings  116
Elaborate Face Paintings 020
Full Face Paintings 072
Tattoo  Style Paintings 126
Holiday Face Paintings 147
Artistic Face Painting  005